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Woman can move again after a breakthrough stroke treatment

The first person to receive deep brain stimulation (DBS) for stroke recovery is performing far better than her doctors anticipated.

Time magazine features this exclusive story about Judy Slater, a 59 year old in Pulaski, Pennsylvania, who two years ago was getting out of bed when she had a severe stroke. She fell down and couldn’t get back up; the stroke had left her entire left side paralyzed.

With time, Slater was able to regain her ability to walk, but her left arm remained almost entirely immobile, hanging against her side with her elbow stuck tightly at 90 degrees. Her hands and fingers had curled up, and she couldn’t extend them on her own. “I depended so much on my family,” says Slater, who lives with her husband and daughter.

Read the full article on Time.

Posted: Aug. 10, 2017