Funding FAQs

Are foreign organizations eligible to apply for the REACT Center Pilot Studies RFA?

No. Not at this time.

Do you have to be a U.S. citizen to apply?

No. Grants are not restricted to U.S. citizens, however researchers applying should be at academic institutions / clinical research centers within the United States.

Will postdocs, fellows, or other trainees be considered as PIs for the pilot studies funding?

No. Residents, fellows or other trainees cannot apply as the Principle Investigator, as he or she is less likely to secure funding for a clinical trial. Trainees can apply as part of a co- or multiple-PI team, so long as the PI is a faculty member. This applies to MD fellows with commitments from their director/institution that they will be hired for a faculty position; or an MD fellow with two years left on his/her fellowship, for example.

What are the required components for submission?

The submission format should follow the outline below. Download the letter of intent (DOCX; 24 kB) template.

  1. Letter of Intent (limited to 2 pages, excluding references), to include: Strength of Investigative Team, Specific Aims, Significance and innovation, Approach, and Plan for seeking future extramural funding for a future clinical trial
  2. Description of REACT resources that may be sought to support the pilot study (limited to ½ page). See the React Center website Consultations and REACT Cores sections for resources available.
  3. NIH Biosketches of the PI and co-investigators

Is a cover letter necessary?

Yes, please use the cover letter (DOCX; 24 kB) template.

Can a prospective PI apply for both pilot and Scholar Award funding simultaneously?

Yes. Please indicate in the LOI that you will also be submitting a Scholar Award application to "category (e.g., Laboratory Methods/Specimen Processing)” for example. Budget specifics will be required only at the time of full proposal submissions (by invitation).

Are behavioral rehab interventions (e.g., for cancer rehab) eligible?

Yes, they are eligible to apply, and as with all applications, will be judged by their scientific merit.

Are cognitive rehab interventions eligible?

Yes, they are eligible to apply, and as with all applications, will be judged by their scientific merit.

Please submit letters of intent no later than 5 p.m. CT on Wednesday, December 13, 2017.

Still have questions?

Contact us at: or call (205) 934-9211.