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Research Roundtable

Free individualized project/proposal feedback from experts, giving best guidance on clinical trial development.

The REACT Research Roundtable was created as a platform to provide a FREE interdisciplinary expert discussion panel to enhance clinical trial applications. Investigators may be at any stage of clinical trial development.

Each roundtable will be tailored to the individual needs and focus area of the presenting investigator and will be facilitated by a team of highly experienced researchers and clinicians to provide feedback and insight on moving the project forward. REACT and the MR3 Network can be leveraged to create expert panels from across the country.

REACT’s goal is to catalyze high-impact, interdisciplinary clinical trials nationally. In accomplishing this goal, all participants in a REACT roundtable event agree to adhere to strict confidentiality regarding and including, for example, research ideas, proprietary information, and preliminary data.


  • Each roundtable will center around ONE investigator’s project.
  • A 60 – 90-minute video conference will be hosted by REACT.
  • Additional follow-up will be determined on an individual basis.

Interested in participating?

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