REACT consultation services offer access to research experts who can provide advice and infrastructure to help develop medical rehabilitation clinical trial research across all phases — I, II, III, IV — from framing the question and testing hypotheses to study designs that answer the research question to logistics to complete the study with the highest quality data. Consulting services can:

  • Lead to the development of efficient and valid designs
  • Facilitate rapid and cost effective setup and initiation of protocols
  • Contribute statistical and operational expertise to projects from design, monitoring and analyses as needed
  • Strengthen designs with incorporation of mechanistic secondary outcomes as appropriate
  • Facilitate dissemination of the results to the scientific community, clinical practice communities, as well as to the general public.

REACT Research Roundtable

The Research Roundtable provides:

  • Individualized project/proposal feedback in a panel format
  • Guidance on best future directions
  • A free and confidential approach to clinical trial development

Scholar Awards Program

The Scholar Awards Program offers researchers opportunities for:

  • Short-term consultations with a clinical trialist
  • Extended training and protocol development (Visiting Scholars program)
  • Biospecimen processing and/or training in our core laboratories