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MASTERS Trial - Metformin to Augment Strength Training Effective Response in Seniors

This randomized, placebo-controlled trial - a collaboration between two major academic medical centers (University of Kentucky and University of Alabama at Birmingham) - is designed to determine if the addition of a medication (Metformin) will improve the effectiveness of strength training in older adults. The overall goal is to establish a low cost, personalized approach to prevent frailty in older adults.

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Marcas Bamman, PhD

  • P2C Principal Investigator
  • Administrative Component Director
  • Consultation Component Associate Director
  • Education and Training Coinvestigator
  • Mobile Technology Laboratory Coinvestigator

Louis Bridges, MD, PhD

  • Executive Committee Member
  • Pilot Component Director

Gary Cutter, PhD

  • Administrative Associate Director
  • Consultation Component Director
  • Pilot Studies Component Biostatistician

Kenneth Saag, MD, MSc

  • Executive Committee Member
  • Education and Training Component Director

Robert Motl, PhD

  • Mobile Technology Laboratory Director

Michael Fordis, MD

  • Subaward Principal Investigator

Jeffrey Foster, MPH

  • Program Manager

Purnima Kasthuri Janarthanan, MA

  • Communications Coordinator