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The Rehabilitation Research Resource to Enhance Clinical Trials (REACT) Center is funded by NIH grant 1P2CHD086851 to serve as a national resource that provides the medical rehabilitation research community with knowledge, skills, and tools needed to catalyze high-impact, interdisciplinary clinical trials.

REACT serves as the coordinating center for the Medical Rehabilitation Research Resource, or MR3 Network, a consortium of six centers nationwide providing expertise, technology, and resources to support clinical and translational research in medical rehabilitation.


The central goal of the REACT Center Pilot Studies Program is to catalyze the success of medical rehabilitation researchers and interdisciplinary teams by providing consultation, seed funds, key expertise and resources for the conduct of innovative pilot projects, early-stage proof-of-concept studies, and futility studies needed to shape more definitive clinical trials. Learn more about the application details and deadlines.

REACT is hosting a Pilot FAQ webinar November 29, 2017 at 1 p.m. CT.

Please contact us REACTCenter@uab.edu or205-996-0832 with questions.

Our Scholar Awards program provides support to investigators via consultative services with Center faculty/staff and expenses associated with the use of UAB core research facilities.

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Our Biostatistics Core experts can help you address your trial designs to achieve your research goals!

The REACT Center has biostatisticians, informaticists, and epidemiologists who can help provide consultation/review on your study design, research proposal development, and data management and analytic plan. Learn more.

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